What Sets Us Apart

Complimentary Initial Exam and Follow-up

Your first exam with Dr. Fisher is complimentary and obligation free. At this visit, your orthodontic needs are assessed and treatment options discussed. If the patient is too young for treatment, or treatment would be more efficient later, they will be placed on a four- to 24-month recall for follow-up. During recall visits (also no charge) the teeth and jaws are monitored for developing problems. With this approach, you have peace of mind knowing your child’s needs are being monitored without worrying about cost.

Honesty and Integrity

Our promise is to treat your child as we would our own. What exactly does this mean? We will only recommend treatment that is needed and at the most appropriate time. If something can be more effectively treated later with a more reliable result, then that is what we will recommend. Many parents get concerned about the appearance of their child’s teeth at an early age when gaps and alignment problems are common. Many of these issues are part of normal development and may not need treatment, or are more effectively treated later when more teeth are present.

Education and Experience

Education and experience matter in orthodontics. Dr. Fisher is the only orthodontists in a 100-mile radius. To become an orthodontist one must complete a post-graduate orthodontic residency after completing dental school, an extremely competitive process. This training is unique to orthodontists, who must by law limit their practice to orthodontics. Orthodontics is all we do, so we can focus on getting the best possible result for you or your child.

Sometimes, due to poor growth, breakage, or lack of patient cooperation, alternative approaches need to be taken to ensure a quality result. Years of experience treating patients in residency and practice have given Dr. Fisher the necessary “bag of tricks” to handle a variety of problems should they arise. Please browse our Before and After section for a sample of cases that we have treated. In our office, we not only strive for excellent esthetics but functional and stable results that can’t be seen in pictures.

In-House Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Following a discussion with the patient/parent and a complete exam and records (photos, X-rays, and impressions), we are able to make an accurate diagnosis and provide a treatment plan that is most appropriate for you or your child’s needs. We do not send the records out for someone who has never met or examined you to decide on the treatment you or your child should receive. This is important because we need to reassess treatment progress at every visit and address issues as they arise if need be.


There have been many advances in orthodontics that allow us to treat patients faster, with fewer visits, and do things never before possible. TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices) allow us to complete movements without affecting surrounding teeth. They can also be used to reduce need for patient cooperation (rubber bands) and even prevent surgical procedures that would have otherwise been necessary. We don’t use them in most patients but if the need arises, they are very effective.